‘Saturday Disney’ Has Been Cancelled After 26 Glorious Years Of Entertaining Australian Kids

Goodbye forever, Saturday Disney. You were the only good thing about Saturday mornings.

Saturday Disney has been an absolute staple of children’s TV programming in Australia for 26 years, but sadly the good times are at an end. TV Tonight has reported that the show’s last episode will air on September 24.

The program is one of the longest running series in Australian TV history and has been on air since 1990. It was a core part of weekend activities for basically every Australian child.

We’d wake up ridiculously early on a Saturday morning (this is before hangovers, remember) and smash through episodes of Aladdin, Hercules, Gargoyles, The Mighty Ducks and Kim Possible. More recently the show aired live-action Disney hits like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, the series’ responsible for launching the careers of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

As well as cartoons, the shows hosts also presented a number of segments including audience favourite, Double Dog Dare. Viewers were regularly encouraged to write into the show and letters were often read out by the hosts. Each episode also featured a Letter of the Week segment where the best artwork sent in by viewers was displayed and rewarded with a prize.

The show was one of the most fun things about growing up in Australia and it’s pretty devastating future generations will miss out.

Teigan Nash, one of the show’s current presenters, took to Instagram to thank the team behind Saturday Disney. 

In a statement provided to TV Tonight a Channel 7 spokesperson said, “Saturday Disney has been a part of the children’s schedule for a couple of generations of viewers.  We thank each and every contributor, on both sides of the camera, who were a part of the journey over the 26 year period.”

Goodbye forever, Saturday Disney. You were the only good thing about Saturday mornings.