Sarah Silverman Just Brought Weed Into ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ And The Results Are Glorious

"Everything that's wrong in the world is greed."

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The latest instalment of the legendary web series My Drunk Kitchen is the first in which no one takes a drink. Stay with us. Though this episode sadly doesn’t have Hannah Hart rubbing ice cream on her face while guzzling wine straight from the bottle, it does feature all the other good things in life. There’s veggie pot pie, unlikely animal friendships, delicious chocolatey treats, and best of all, stoned Sarah Silverman.

In just seven minutes, Silverman has given you an idea for a healthy new snack, a gentle exercise regime, some safety tips about drug use and a terrifying philosophical outlook on life. “Everything that’s wrong in the world is greed,” she says while staring listlessly into the middle distance. “Death creeps in through the gums. You don’t realise that you’re doomed,” she chants like a dentist who’s seen some serious shit.

Hart’s enlisted the help of a few famous faces since she launched her first book earlier this year. She even got Jamie Oliver to make a sandwich out of a giant meatball. But this is the first time she’s openly dealt with something other than alcohol. “Obviously this video may SPARK some debate,” she says on Youtube. “Everything we put into our bodies (from alcohol to aspirin) should be used in moderation.”

And though there’s been a few complaints in the comments section, the overwhelming consensus is positive. At this point, these magnificent girls can do whatever they like.