The Finnish PM Has Been Grilled (Again) Over Her Friend’s Topless Bathroom Pic

The photo going viral isn't even of the Finnish Prime Minister.

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has apologised after a photo of two of her friends kissing topless in her bathroom was shared online, just days after she returned a negative drug test amid backlash for partying.

The photo, which shows two women — neither of which are Marin, herself — kissing while a sign reading “Finland” covers their breasts. Marin has confirmed the photo was taken in the bathroom of her official summer residence after a music festival in early July and apologised for the photo’s inappropriate nature.

“In my opinion, that photo is not appropriate, I apologise for that. That photo shouldn’t have been taken,” Marin said Tuesday.

Much like her earlier press conference, in which she reserved her right to have fun — totally legal — gatherings with her friends, Marin stressed that nothing extraordinary happened.

“We had sauna, swam and spent time together,” said Marin. “That kind of a picture should not have been taken but otherwise, nothing extraordinary happened at the get-together.”

She also confirmed that the party was a private gathering after a music festival — likely the Ruisrock festival she attended that resulted in a now-viral photo of her looking extremely cool — and that all guest details were provided to security.

Considering we rarely hold male politicians accountable for the behaviour of the company they keep, it feels unfair to blame Marin for the photo, or let it be any reflection of her leadership ability or character. But alas, that’s exactly what the photo — which appears to be nothing more than two friends having fun — has become.

The news comes after footage of Marin having fun with friends at a private party was leaked online earlier this week.

“I spent the evening with my friends, partied, even in a rowdy way, danced and sang,” she said. “I myself have not used drugs, nor anything other than alcohol.

“Nor have I been in such a situation that I would have seen or known others [using drugs]. I was dancing, singing, partying… hugging my friends, doing totally legal things.”

Despite critics accusing her of being on illicit drugs in the now-viral video of her partying with friends, she has since returned a clear drug test and has otherwise continued to fulfil her prime ministerial duties as expected.

Following the footage’s release, women across the world have shared their own fun, dancing videos in support of the Finnish Prime Minister.

Just one day after Marin faced backlash for her partying ways, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was filmed drinking a beer at a Gang of Youths show, to a vastly different response from the media and the public. Go figure.