Alex Jones Has Been Ordered To Pay More Than $5M In Damages For Claiming Sandy Hook Was A Hoax

Jones has finally admitted that Sandy Hook was "100 percent real."

alex jones

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Conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones has been ordered to pay more than $4.11 million USD ($5.9 million AUD) in damages to the family of a victim of the Sandy Hook massacre after repeatedly claiming the shooting was a hoax.

On December 14, 2012, a 20-year-old man shot and killed 26 people, with 20 of the victims being children between the ages of six and seven. In the aftermath of the massacre — one of the deadliest school shootings in US history — Jones repeatedly claimed the tragedy was a hoax to undermine gun ownership rights, asserting that “crisis actors” staged the whole thing.

“We’ve clearly got people where it’s actors playing different parts of different people,” Jones said on March 14, 2014, according to the lawsuit. “I’ve looked at it and undoubtedly there’s a cover-up, there’s actors, they’re manipulating, they’ve been caught lying and they were pre-planning before it and rolled out with it.”

Jones’ comments prompted a string of lawsuits from the parents of victims — the first of which sought $150 million USD ($216 million AUD) in damages from Jones and his company, citing defamation and emotional damage.

While only $4.11 million USD has been awarded so far, further compensation could be issued as the trial enters the punitive phase in the coming days.

In addition to hopefully bringing some sense of justice and closure to the victims, the case has revealed a lot about Jones.

Alex Jones Finally Admitted Sandy Hook Was Real

After years of denying the fact that the massacre was real, Jones was forced to admit in court that the Sandy Hook shooting was “100 percent real”.

The Judge Had To Tell Him To Stop Lying Under Oath

Jones, who was on trial for lying on his show InfoWars, had to be reminded by the judge that he could not do the same under oath in court.

He Lied About Calling The Judge A Paedophile

If you’re wondering what some of his lies actually were, at one point, Jones lied about having called the judge a “paedophile” on his show. Naturally, the court then saw the tape of him doing exactly that.

Alex Jones Didn’t Know What Hearsay Was

As if lying in court didn’t show just how little Jones knows about the legal system, he also needed the judge to explain the concept of hearsay to him.

He Tried To Show The Judge The Hole In His Mouth

At one point in the trial, Jones was asked to spit out his gum. But it turns out it wasn’t gum, he was actually “massaging the hole in his mouth” with his tongue. He then proceeded to ask the judge if she wanted to see said hole in his mouth, to which she stressed she just wanted him to answer her question.

His Lawyers Leaked His Entire Phone History

And perhaps the most memorable moment of the trial was when Jones’ own lawyers sent a digital copy of his entire phone history to the prosecution, and did nothing to retract the information after the fact.