Ryan Gosling Has Finally Responded To The Claims He Won’t Eat His Cereal

"I'm so sorry for making that meme. Will you forgive me?" "No."

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It’s almost been two full years since young Scottish filmmaker Ryan McHenry first propositioned Ryan Gosling’s grumpy little face with a spoonful of cereal. Since then, he’s created 30 more short clips, amassed more than 220,000 followers, his videos have been watched more than 20 million times, and he’s even beaten bone cancer. [Update May 4: Vine tweeted overnight that McHenry has finally succumbed to cancer: “Your creativity brightened many lives,” they wrote. “Thank you. You’ll be missed.”]

The resulting meme is nothing short of legendary.

Now, during a Twitter Q&A for his new film Lost River — which by all reports sounds infinitely worse than McHenry’s Vines — Gosling has finally made a public statement about the videos. After the event moderators at iTunes Movies asked “What’s one thing fans don’t know about Ryan Gosling”, he responded with this shocking truth bomb.

The New York Times scrambled to re-print the front page of their morning edition, the star’s manager fielded thousands of calls from the world’s media requesting interviews, and every cereal brand in the US started drafting multi-billion advertising partnerships. The rest of the world stood still in utter disbelief. In that moment, we knew everything had changed.

Of course, no one felt this more so than McHenry who was quick to join the conversation.

In 2013, McHenry told Metro that as a filmmaker, he likes to have a conclusion to things. “The only conclusion I can see out of this whole thing is to have Ryan Gosling respond to this,” he said. And, though this may seem like the most devastating possible response, the creator is still in high spirits.

“Hopefully we can be friends one day and share a bowl of cereal,” he replied.

Even more, if he’s sticking to his past comments, McHenry won’t be quitting any time soon. “I won’t stop making these Vines until I personally get him to [eat his cereal],” he wrote on a video last year. “That’s a promise.”

Someone needs to start a petition for a cereal date between these two ASAP.

h/t Buzzfeed.