7 Rupi Kaur Poems That Inspire Us To Tackle 2018

It’s no secret that we love Rupi Kaur here at Uni Junkee. Her simple poems about love, loss and trauma have been known to get us through some shit. And her spot on the the New York Times best seller list is further proof that she can convey human emotion in a way no one else can.

The best Rupi Kaur poems are the ones that remind us of some important truths we may have forgotten about our lives: we’re powerful, we’re resilient and we have the whole world at our feet. Here are some of her words to live by.

#1 Raise Other Women Up

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In our current social and political climate, it’s more important than ever to support, encourage and lift up the females around us. We’re seeing a ground swell of influential women calling for justice and equality and by god, it’s inspiring.

#2 Seva (Selfless Service)

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Most of us have an enormous amount of privilege – even growing up in Australia gives us opportunities that others would envy. Kaur’s poem is a gentle reminder to spread the love and generosity where we can.

#3 Love Yourself

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Yas, girl! We’re constantly told to treat others how we’d like to be treated (which, true), but we shouldn’t forget to treat ourselves how we’d treat others. Show yourself some compassion.

#4 Stay True

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No matter how much people try to morph us into versions of themselves, we have to remain true to our “alarming and strange” selves. Stay weird, folks.

#5 Sisters Stick Together

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We’re made to believe that we should compete against other women in order to gain the affection of men. Kaur’s poem reminds us that we should stand beside our sisters, rather than push them down for a man’s affection.

#6 Keep Going Through The Tough Times

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Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to keep on fighting through your day. And when that person is Rupi Kaur, you better listen.

#7 A Positive Outlook

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Your struggles are all about how you choose to perceive them. Things can suck sometimes, but keep a outlook positive and you’ll always be happy – it’s how it works!

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