Watch In Awe As Ruby Fields Annihilates Splendour In The Grass With A ‘Toxic’ Cover

Fields gave the Britney Spears classic an urgent makeover.

Ruby Fields plays Toxic at Splendour In The Grass

Towards the end of her set at Splendour In The Grass, rising superstar Ruby Fields shot the audience a knowing look. “You absolutely have no idea what’s about to happen,” she said, taking a gulp of beer. And she was right.

Moments later, aided by a cello, a violin, and her impossibly tight band, Fields launched into an unbelievably impassioned cover of Britney Spears’ classic hit ‘Toxic’. Sashaying her way through the verse before strapping on a guitar and shredding the chorus, Fields took an already overjoyed Splendour audience into overdrive. After all, how many other times in your life have you seen a tinnie-waving group of festival-goers transformed into a writhing mass of Britney Spears fans?

To some, the idea that Fields might ever cover Britney Spears seems rather odd. Fields is a sparse, electric popsmith; Spears is a subversive but knowingly treacly American icon. But, as the cover proved, the two share more of an overlap than one might ever guess. Sure, the young Aussie singer-songwriter fiddled with the song’s formula a little, drenching it in reverb and taking the song through distinctly Nirvana-esque territory, but only a little, and she stayed true to the essence of the classic.

Basically, the whole thing is a true Splendour In The Grass highlight — a dose of that kind of magic you only get when the festival stars align, and something beautiful is wrought into the world.

Watch the whole frothing majesty go down below, and check back in for more Splendour In The Grass coverage over the preceding few days.