Aussies Are Turning Australia’s Best Pop Culture Moments Into ‘Roses Are Red’ Memes

"Roses are red, I'm your biggest fan. I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man."

roses are red tiktok aussie

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Google Translate memes have always popped off on TikTok.

At the end of last year, the original Google Translate meme, where people used the app to spit out uplifting messages and tell wild stories, went viral. A few months after that, another variation — which took the piss out of iconic pop culture moments and music artist — also started trending.

Now the Google Translate meme has had yet another facelift with the ‘Roses Are Red’ TikTok trend. Unlike the two previous versions, the ‘Roses Are Red’ meme only uses Google Translate to robotically read out the start of a poem without any editing.

Leaving the punchline of the joke to an already existing meme or iconic pop culture moment, all the videos in the trend start with the same line just like the original poem.

For example, the iconic “curly-headed fuck” scene from Step Brothers and the never not funny “what a sad little life, Jane” Come Dine With Me clip both start with “roses are red” before trailing off with a line that rhymes with the joke.

But as the trend started to pick up, Aussies quickly hijacked the ‘Roses Are Red’ meme to pair with iconic Australian pop culture moments. Unsurprisingly, Chris Lilley’s roles as Mr. G and Ja’mie King from Summer Heights High became very popular video snippets used in the trend thanks to their very memorable lines.

Other programs like Black Comedy even had their moment to shine, along with snippets from iconic news broadcasts gone wrong — like Andrew’s unfortunate Scomo press conference takeover and Corey Worthington’s refusal to remove his glasses after his hectic party.

But best of all, people used the ‘Roses Are Red’ trend as another way to bring back Australia’s most beloved memes and moments like the very much alive Democracy Manifest man and of course, TikTok’s favourite: Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech.