This Actor’s Spot-On Impression Of Robin Williams Has The World Desperate For A Biopic

"For a moment it felt just like Robin himself was back," one of Robin Williams' former co-stars said about the impression.

Robin Williams Biopic Impression

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If you don’t know who Jamie Costa is, you will after watching his spot-on impression of Robin Williams.

On Tuesday, Jamie Costa, a comedian and impressionist who has had minor roles in a number of shorts and tv series like Once Upon a Theory and The Price of Fame, uploaded test footage of what appeared to be a scene for a Robin Williams biopic called Robin. 

While there is no news of a biopic about the late actor’s life currently being in the works, Costa’s impression has left fans begging for one — and with good reason. In the five-minute clip, Costa eerily portrays a heartbroken Williams — on the set of Mork & Mindy in 1982 — finding out that his friend John Belushi died.

The result? Truly goosebump-raising stuff.

After uploading the “screen test” to YouTube just two days ago, the Robin Williams impression has already racked up over two million views with people desperately begging for Robin to be made with Costa in the leading role.

“I clicked on it thinking it was old lost test footage of Robin Williams himself. And I believed that the whole way through. Thank you, thank you for fooling me with such a phenomenal spot-on performance!” one comment read. “This is absolutely incredible. Make this full-length movie and hire this man NOW!” said another. “Oh my lordy! Your portrayal of Robin Williams in this test footage is uncanny: mannerisms and gestures, voice and intonation, how he moves his face, his stance — you nailed it.”

Even Thomas Tulak, one Williams’ Hook co-stars, commented on the accuracy of the impression.

“This video gave me chills, and brought me to tears. For a moment it felt just like Robin himself was back,” Tulak said. “I now find myself wanting a Robin biopic more than anything, and I hope Jamie plays him.”

As there currently aren’t any plans for a Robin Williams biopic, Costa’s viral video was a genius way to generate organic interest in one and put himself forward for the leading role.

“This is a plucky attempt to generate interest in the possibility of a Robin Williams biopic,” SFist noted about the screen test. “Costa is not auditioning for the role, he’s auditioning the idea of a Robin Williams biopic with definitely Jamie Costa in the starring role.”

“If Hollywood were making a Robin Williams biopic, it seems unlikely Costa would be called in to audition. But heck, this attempt at reverse-engineering his own starring role in a Robin Williams biopic could attract interest from some streaming service or indie studio in the age of internet celebrities.”

And to be honest, Jamie Costa’s strategy to land the Robin Williams role isn’t that surprising if you take a look at impersonations he’s done in the past — including ‘Never Had a Friend Like Him‘, a two-minute impression compilation of Williams biggest roles that he uploaded after Williams’ death.

But even if Costa had been working on his plan to play Williams in a biopic for years, his impression is just so damn good that he should be given the role. Stat.