People Are Editing That Cursed Photo Of Robert Pattinson In A Tracksuit Into ‘Twilight’ Scenes

Now THIS is most ambitious crossover event in history.

Robert Pattinson In A Tracksuit Twilight

It seems as though that cursed tracksuit photo of Robert Pattinson isn’t going to die any time soon.

For those who have luckily somehow managed to avoid the image, everyone’s losing their minds over a behind-the-scenes photo of Robert Pattinson as Constantine “Connie” Nikas from crime-thriller Good Time. 

Despite originally being shared by the film’s writer and director three years ago in an attempt to show the direction the Good Time team had planned to take Connie’s look, the ‘Robert Pattinson in a tracksuit’ image has only recently become a meme.

From the very sad kitchen, Pattinson looking like an overgrown eight-year-old, the slicked back greasy hair and the awkward stance with his arms by his side, the image can really only be described as cursed.

Popping up all over social media feeds in the last month, people have joked around and put the awkward actor in spots he doesn’t belong — like in Ring security camera images, in POV’s of Chav-filled house parties and all over their new iOS 14 home screen as a way to profess their love for the extremely weird actor.

Some have even begun to photoshop ‘Robert Pattinson in a tracksuit’ into popular films to demonstrate just how much of a threatening aura the photo has.

But like with anything that Robert Pattinson does, the actor can only go so far before he somehow gets dragged right back into his most-hated role, which is, of course, playing Edward Cullen in Twilight. It’s pretty well-known that Pattinson despises the role that made him famous, with the actor absolutely sledging the film in any interview he can.

In one instance he shared that when he first read through Twilight, it “seemed like… a book that wasn’t supposed to be published” and in another, Pattinson claimed that if Edward Cullen wasn’t a fictional character he would be “one of those guys that would be an axe murderer”. All true statements, to be fair.

But knowing about the actor’s pure hatred for the series that made him famous, it’s only natural that people have begun to edit Robert Pattinson’s cursed tracksuit photo into scenes from Twilight to create the world’s most ambitious crossover.

While the idea and execution is all just very dumb, it’s also very hilarious. Seriously, see for yourself:

I hate that I love this so much.