Robert Irwin’s TikTok Is The Most Wholesome Corner of The Internet

Robert talks to the camera as he affectionately wrangles critters, just like his dad.


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Robert Irwin is on TikTok rescuing little critters and being a wholesome king and we’re here for it.

TikTok can feel like an addictive fresh hell, but sometimes it’s made all worthwhile by a single video. In this case, it’s my civic duty to inform you that Robert Irwin is on Tiktok, educating folks on the animals he rescues and melting hearts with dedications to his dad, Steve.

It was Fathers Day in the US yesterday. To note the occasion, 18-year-old Robert Irwin uploaded a TikTok reel made up of old footage of him and Steve. The comments on the video are a blubbering mess. Robert’s caption reads:

“I had the best dad in the world. Thinking of him and remembering nothing but fun times. I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day in the US – sending love to those who couldn’t celebrate with their Dad ❤️.”

Since May of this year, Robert has been uploading TikToks of his travels and wildlife work at Australia Zoo. He’s even been adding to the occasional viral trend, including the ‘i’m just a kid and life is a nightmare’ trend where users recreate their childhood photos as adults.

Along with cheeky showcases of the wildlife at Australia Zoo, Robert also uploads some heartwarming and hilarious slice-of-life videos. In his most recent, Irwin quips about a scratch on his surfboard only to reveal that the whole bottom half of the board has been smashed.

Finally, his TikTok features plenty of bite-sized interactions between himself and the animals he finds around the zoo, both wild and residential. In these videos, he speaks straight to the camera and to the audience on the animals he’s wrangling with the same informative affection as his beloved late dad, Steve Irwin.

16 years after Steve Irwin’s tragic death, the technology may be a little different and times are a-changing, but there’s comfort in knowing that the wholesome apple doesn’t fall far from the wholesome tree.

Robert Irwin’s TikTok can be viewed here.