Please Enjoy Robbie Williams Dad-Dancing To Carly Rae Jepsen On His Quarantine Live-Stream

Truly Robbie is our king in these troubled times.

Robbie Williams on Instagram live keeping people entertained during coronavirus quarantine

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In the midst of the unfolding coronavirus epidemic, celebrities have taken to sharing content with their audience to mixed effect. Some, like Tina Arena, have been doing wonderfully. Others, like Gal Gadot, have been doing…not so wonderfully.

And then there’s Robbie Williams.

See, over the last few days, the beloved British pop star has become one of the must-watch Instagram live streamers. Rather than Gadot and her mates patronisingly singing about the end of wealth and possessions, Williams has been cheerily singing songs to his audience, cracking jokes, and generally coming off as extremely humble and sweet.

Take this video, for instance, in which he makes jokes about Shakira, sings, dances, and leans hard into the dad joke vibes.

But even that masterpiece pales in comparison to Williams’ most recent clip, in which he bops and bellows along to Carly Rae Jepsen.

I could give you a little more context, but to be honest, I reckon that’s about all that you actually need:

Shaking his stuff to ‘Call Me Maybe’, the breakout single from the Canadian pop star, Williams basically brings exactly the calming energy we need in the middle of this unfolding coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks Robbie.