Sorry Drake And Pusha T, But Robbie Williams Is Embroiled In The Best Beef Of 2018

His neighbour -- ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page -- desperately doesn't want Williams to build a swimming pool.

Robbie Williams

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When Pusha T released an earth-shattering diss track yesterday in his decade-spanning feud with Drake, little did we know that this prime grade beef would soon be downgraded to an off-cut against what was to come: a brutal ruling in a civil dispute between Robbie Williams and his neighbour, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

Rather than swapping verses over deep-seated abandonment issues and accusations of illegitimate children, Williams and Page are trading arguments in front of Kensington and Chelsea Council’s planning committee over whether Williams can build a swimming pool in the basement of his luxe west London home.

Page is vehemently opposed to the project — and as reported by the Evening Standard, he’s successfully convinced a local council meeting to halt the approval process on the pool and an adjacent gym.

Page raised concerns about the construction’s vibrations, arguing they could damage the elaborate (and no doubt very expensive) façade on his red-brick Gothic Revival Tower House. According to Page, the plaster, tile and stained glass is in danger. To protect the walls from sound damage, Page says he now only plays acoustic guitar at home.

Williams’ legal team says the vibrations’ effect would be “negligible”, but the council found that there wasn’t evidence to back that up. For now, the pool remains a pipe-dream, as the decision is delayed pending “legal assurances” as Williams’ team tries to offer an accomodating solution.

That means that all the work might need to be done with hand tools.

Truthfully, this feud to end all feuds isn’t strictly beholden to 2018 — the debate’s been going on since 2013, when Williams first moved in. Previously, Page was accused of spying on Williams, then Williams was forced to issue a public apology for insinuating that Page was mentally ill.

In the meantime, fans might spot Williams doing laps in a South London public pool. Angels work in mysterious ways.