Chaos Reigns In The First Trailer For ‘Rick And Morty’ Season Four

Rick and Morty Season Four Trailer

Rick And Morty might be the wildest show on television.

After all, that’s been the series’ point of difference from the very start. South Park might have its cum and poo jokes, and Big Mouth might revel in everything wet and sticky about adolescence, but pound for pound, no show goes half as hard as Rick and Morty. It’s a non-stop cavalcade of violence, invention and one-liners — some of them sincere, some of them of the “wubalubbadub-dub” variety.

Well, looks like that’ll be the name of the game for the upcoming fourth season as well. The trailer is light on specific plot details, but extremely heavy on sheer, unadulterated chaos. So, Rick gets a dragon (maybe? It goes up in a ball of flames in about two seconds.) Mr. Meseeks and his deranged friends return, seemingly with a taste for more murder. Some hideous human head melts in what appears to be a microwave. Mr. Poopybutthole fights off a wave of angry university students (?) And Rick turns a quivering, fleshy monster into a china vase.

Oh, and tucked into all of that non-stop surreality is the show’s premiere date. We won’t have to wait long, either — Rick and Morty season four is coming on November 10.

Which leads us to the bad news: the new series will be comprised of five episodes, just under half of the regular season length. There’s two possibilities here. That means that either the episodes could be extra-long. Or that means we could be getting another season shortly thereafter, a tactic favoured by a lot of popular American television (shows as diverse as Breaking Bad and fellow animated fan favourite Bojack Horseman have tried this trick.)

Anyway, in either case, our fingers are very crossed.

In the meantime, watch the pure blast of insanity and fun below.