Squanchy News, ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans: McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Its Szechuan Sauce


Rick and Morty Szechuan Sauce

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Yesterday Rick and Morty capped off its third season with an episode in which Rick tried to murder the President of the United States. It was an appropriately bonkers ending to a truly insane run of episodes that brought us The Vindicators, Froopyland and of course, Pickle Rick.

The bad news is we have no ETA on season four, with Mr Poopy Butthole warning he might have “a long white Santa Clause beard and a couple of grand kids” by the time new episodes roll around.

Fortunately, fans in the US will at least be able to quench their pain with the sweet, tangy taste of McDonald’s Szechuan dipping sauce, with the fast food chain confirming that Rick’s favourite condiment – which he ranted and raved about back in the season three premiere – is returning to their restaurants for one day only.

Apparently McDonald’s are releasing a bunch of limited edition sauces to go with their new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders. There’s honey mustard and tangy barbecue and creamy ranch and spicy buffalo, but naturally there’s only one flavour that anyone on the internet gives a shit about.

Maccas previously sent a bottle of the sauce to Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, as well as three lucky fans on Twitter – one of whom later sold his to DJ Deadmau5.

The sauce will be available at 2pm on October 7 “in limited quantities”. American Rick and Morty
fans can find information on participating stores here.

h/t Mashable