Rick And Morty Announce Their Second Season By Killing The Simpsons In A Crossover Couch Gag

It's weirdly apt, in a violent sort of way.

Harry Shearer’s leaving The Simpsons, and the iconic characters he voiced like Mr Burns, Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner are leaving with him, at least as we remember them. The walking corpse that has been The Simpsons for the last eight or so years is set to keep stumbling on for at least another two seasons, though, with Shearer’s parts due to be recast.

It’s another sad chapter in the beloved show’s long, long decline, but in its wake a new generation of cartoons have arisen to fill the gap. Shows like Bob’s Burgers and Adventure Time carry the torch now, making The Simpsons‘ latest crossover couch gag — in which Dan Harmon’s macabre comedy Rick and Morty reveals the July 26 premiere date of its second season — weirdly apt in a depressing sort of way.

The part at the end where the Simpsons are reborn as gruesome caricatures of themselves, having ingested too much of another cartoon’s DNA?


That was a little too real.