This Cursed Renaissance Meme On TikTok Is The Best Thing On The Entire Internet

TikTok, but make it art?

TikTok art meme

Here’s the thing — there’s a lot of good stuff on TikTok. From the USA’s bizarre obsession with the Aussie TV show H20: Just Add Water, to these incredibly funny Peppa Pig memes, there’s something for everybody!

But sometimes, a new meme is so good, it’s art.

And in the case of this trend-starting video by TikTok user @lastmanstanley, it LITERALLY is art. Look, it’s full of art! It’s full of fancy music! It’s got a spooky atmosphere, just like being inĀ  an art gallery.

Just… watch it, because it’s hard to explain.

Literally perfect content, right?

Naturally, because of the collaborative nature of TikTok, and because the video is so addictive, people immediately got on board and started replicating the trend. It’s exceptionally good.

Part of the joy with these seems to be in closing a perfect loop, so you can literally watch them all day. Or at least for a long time.

Talking to Junkee, Stanley tells me has has “no idea” what inspired him to make this video, which is a big mood. He does however mention that he chose those paintings because he loves them, and “thought other people would recognise them too”.

He also specifically points out that he “did not use ‘Renaissance’ in the description to refer to the period of history.”

See, this is art. This has fucking meaning. This has layers.

It’s spawned a HUGE movement of people riffing from the original video.

I love it! I love TikTok.

Let’s watch more.