Casual Reminder That No One Knows What To Do With Their Career

I guess this is growing up.

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When it comes to how we face our future careers, we’re all in a different boat. Some people have had their job paths mapped out for them from the age of 10, some get to the end of their degree and still have no clue what to do.

For those who still don’t know what they want to do, life can appear pretty daunting. How is one supposed to have a successful and impressive career when they don’t even know what industry to step into?

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Whether you’re starting your degree, are half way through it, or already have two in hand, it’s totally normal to still be unsure of your career path.

You’re Not Alone

A few scrolls on social media and it seems everyone you went to high school with has their shit together. But in reality, most people have no idea what they’re doing.

As more and more of my friends graduate uni, more and more of the same conversations keep popping up. These exchanges will include a multitude of, “but what do I dooooo?” in different phrases, sprinkled with some light bitching about our friends who are already steadily on their way to a perfect career.

But as it turns out, many Australians take some stumbling around before they settle on a job or industry. Research now shows that young people growing up today will have seventeen jobs across five different industries in their lifetime. Plus, with one in three graduates unable to find work in their chosen career, young Aussies are being forced to dabble in different industries and experiment with different job paths.

Take Some Time Out

Entering the workforce is a competitive trash-fire that causes many graduates to scramble, degree in hand, to find an internship and then a job without having a chance to really consider what they want to do.

And it’s not just the job market either. During university, many students don’t have time to stop and consider their options because everything is moving so fast and there are a lot of pressures not to miss opportunities as they fly past. So much so that the race towards a job in a certain field gives students not a whole lot of time to even suss out whether that industry is even right for them.

It’s perfectly OK to take some time out and work out what you want to do and what’ll make you happy. On average, you’re going to spend one third of your life, or 90,000 hours, at work, so it’s well worth your while to make sure it’s something you enjoy.

This can be done by giving yourself some breathing room. Don’t feel bad if you take a semester off, miss out on an internship to dabble in short courses, or just take some time out to read some books. If you need to slow it down a bit, do it.

It’s All Going To Be OK

The road to a fulfilling career can look pretty blurry, and whatever your situation, being unsure of your job path can be really scary.

It will, however, all be OK. Even if you have to work a few more years in hospo or attend 500 more career fairs, it’ll pan out.

Whatever you do, don’t stress. You got this – maybe not today, but eventually.

(Lead image: New Girl/FOX)