This Woman Would Like Her Boyfriend To Stop Digging His Tunnel

"He barely spends any time with me, and I know that he isn't doing anything but digging that damn hole in the ground."


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How can I get my boyfriend to stop digging his tunnel? It’s a question that we’ve all asked ourselves. But one woman thought it was time to take her concerns to the public, or at least, Reddit.

Posting in r/advice, the woman begins: “So, I know this is a weird question, but my boyfriend likes to spend a lot of his free time digging a tunnel on some property that he inherited.” Classic.

“I haven’t seen the full extent of it, but last I saw it was remarkably deep under the surface. He’s spent roughly a year on it, and it’s evident.”

She adds that it’s getting to the point where her boyfriend doesn’t have much of a social life, and is spending most of his time in the tunnel, adding that she’s concerned that the tunnel will collapse on him. “He still comes home, but he barely spends any time with me, and I know that he isn’t doing anything but digging that damn hole in the ground.”

She adds that he is “always really happy when he comes back from digging” but that her friend told her “he might be going crazy”.

“Obviously I don’t think he’s insane,” she clarifies. “But I hadn’t considered the mental health aspect of this, and I just don’t know what to do.”

The post has spurred a bunch of responses on Twitter, and to be fair, all of these people have a point.

But on Reddit itself, the replies are more sobering. “If he doesn’t have any training with confined spaces he needs to stop ASAP,” warned a person with the username Bananahead853147. “A potential collapse is possible but if he digs deep and doesn’t properly ventilate it he could run out of oxygen and pass out and die without knowing what is happening.”

Others needed more information before making a call. “Digging with a shovel or machine?” user AtOm-iCk66 queried.

But maybe the best response to this whole ordeal has been this Daily Mail headline: ‘Woman leaves the internet in stitches after complaining that her boyfriend is “spending all his free time” digging a TUNNEL on a property he inherited — revealing he’s spent a YEAR on project with no end in sight’.

Sadly, we’re left with more questions than answers. Is this man still digging the tunnel? Has she talked to him the air ventilation issue? Was he digging with a shovel or machine? We wait, with bated breath, for an update.