Here’s The Fastest Way To Earn Money In Red Dead Redemption 2’s Online Mode

Red Dead Redemption 2

Yesterday Rockstar announced that they will be reviewing Red Dead Redemption Online’s janky economy, in which crime very much does not pay. But if you want to load up on a plethora of arguably unnecessary firearms right now, one intrepid redditor has discovered a way to grind up a bit of scratch.

According to a post from SheReallySaidIt on Reddit, fishing for salmon in the Dakota River will net you around $300 per hour, or $160 if you play with your phone at the same time.

First, you’ll need to reach Rank 14 in order to receive a free fishing rod. You can purchase one before then, but it will cost you four gold bars — way too much. It’s difficult enough getting one gold bar, and you will already need at least one in order to purchase a river lure. If you can’t afford a river lure you can substitute a bunch of worms for 50 cents each instead, but the cost of worms adds up.

Red Dead Redemption 2 map

Once you’re all equipped, head to Dakota River between Strawberry and Valentine and look in the water for Sockeye Salmon, which are the big red fish. When you find a school, drop your line in amongst them and start catching as many as you can carry — which, under the arbitrary laws of the Red Dead inventory system, is 10.

From there it’s only a short ride to the Strawberry or Valentine butchers to sell your catch. According to SheReallySaidIt a haul of 10 will net you $42.50, with each fish selling for $4.25. That’s way more lucrative than looting bodies.

Then return to the river and continue catching ’em all, repeating the process until your lust for money is sated or you get bored. Either search the river for another school of Salmon or cast your line and reel it back in once at your previous fishing spot. SheReallySaidIt advises that this will cause the Salmon to quickly reappear, allowing you to continue your environmentally damaging overfishing.

This method is still a grind, and it will take over three hours of fishing to earn enough for the $1000 Mauser pistol. But it’s still the best way to earn some dough in Red Dead Online that we’ve seen, and you might as well get something done while you’re waiting around for those balance changes.

How I make $300+ per hour in online. Played all day and have nearly $2800 on hand. Even better than steelhead fishing. from reddeadredemption