A ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Glitch Is Giving People Infinite Money

Free money!

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2, a video game in which there is always one last job, has you mug, steal and kill to earn your daily bread. The presumption that you are a dirty criminal is baked into the game’s premise, so there aren’t many viable ways to earn clean money. You could spend hours hunting deer, but it will only net you a few dollars at a time and it’s often a long ride to the butcher to sell your single animal carcass. Fortunately, there’s a glitch that lets you earn a ton of cash without getting any blood on your hands.

Discovered by MagnusTS on Reddit, the exploit will give you 30 gold bars at a time, which you can then sell for $500 each. That’ll net you $15,000 a pop – enough to finally retire from this life of crime.

To use the glitch, first you’ll want to make sure autosave is turned off — a small detail but an important one.

Head to the little town of Limpany, which has been burnt to the ground so nobody’s around to see you pull off this magic trick. You can find the town west-south-west of your camp at Horseshoe Overlook — south of Caliban’s Seat, north of Flatneck Station.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Go into the sheriff’s office next to the cobblestone gaol. It will have a sign on it, but it’s a little hard to see since the building is burnt out. Once inside, you’ll find a lock box underneath the front desk. Pull it out, open it up, and inside you’ll find a pamphlet about horses! Also a gold bar.

As exciting as it is, do not pick up the horse pamphlet. Do not pick up the gold bar either. Instead, hover over either one of the items so that the option to take it appears. Think of this as one of those marshmallow tests scientists do to torment kids.

Now, save your game. Then, remaining in the menu and without going back into the game, go straight to the load menu and open the save you just made. You’ll appear outside Limpany.

Head back to the lockbox, open it up, and — it’s a Christmas miracle! Infinite gold bars! Unfortunately your inventory will only let you carry 30 at once, but if $15,000 isn’t enough to satisfy your lust for material wealth you can go back to repeat the glitch as many times as you like.

Some reports have said that you need to start picking up the gold bar and then pause and save before the animation finishes in order to get the exploit to work. I haven’t found this to be the case, so no need to stress about being too slow on the pause button and ruining everything.

YouTube channel Gold Team also recreated the same glitch with $20 found in a lock box near Mattock Pond further south-east, so that’s another option if you prefer to earn your cash by taping down your controller’s X button and walking away.

If you’re interested in trying this glitch for yourself, you’d better get on it before Rockstar patches it out. I can confirm the gold bar glitch is still working as of yesterday, and now I can afford a very nice hat which I will promptly lose in a gunfight.