Jane Gazzo & Dylan Lewis’s Unofficial ‘Recovery’ Reboot Might Be The Cutest Thing On YouTube

Nothing's changed.

Recovered, Jane Gazzo and Dylan Lewis' Recovery reboot

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After being approached by strangers on the street about a Recovery reboot for years, Jane Gazzo and Dylan Lewis have finally gone and done it with Recovered, their new YouTube channel.

Launched a month ago, the team began with a very earnest discussion of seeing Childish Gambino live when he was here for Splendour in the Grass. Rather than recreate the living room set from the ’90s show, the duo have downsized into a cute trailer, one which normally lives out in Coburg, but moves around a little bit, too.

Twenty clips currently sit online, ranging from the duo¬†reviewing Lion King¬†and the Beastie Boys’ recent biography to chatting about kombucha and interviewing bands like Press Club and Picket Palace.

Lewis and Gazzo haven’t worked together in years, but their natural rapport comes straight back, riffing and at times bickering.

The whole thing’s very low-fi, making the whole thing feel like a nostalgia-filled catchup with old friends, talking about dumb and serious shit all at once.

If you only have time for one video, we’d recommend checking out their ‘reminiscing’ clip, where they flick through an old Recovery mag with Lewis on the cover, and chat about whether Madonna ever paid back his $12.

They’ll promise more videos as they can fit them in, but in the meantime, there’s a treasure trove waiting.