Watch Rappers Rescue A Puppy In Virtual Reality

"This is so fuckin' scary, bro."

Rappers rescuing a puppy in VR

Rappers are typically known for their prowess with words and bold personalities, traits that are almost necessities in the industry. They also make for terrific reaction videos.

Via Kotaku, YouTube channel 88rising recorded several rappers trying out a virtual reality game. In it, they must walk out onto a precarious plank at the top of a high rise building in order to rescue the puppy standing at the end of it. How did the puppy get there? Nobody knows, and nobody cares. This game isn’t here to tell a well-crafted story. It’s here to scare the rap out of a bunch of performers.

Everyone loves a puppy. Even if you’re more into cats than dogs, few people wouldn’t agree that puppies are innocence made physically manifest and covered in fur. At least attempting to rescue the dog is practically a mandatory requirement to being human.

Rappers Smokepurpp, PnB Rock, Nef the Pharaoh, Saint JHN, Curren$y, Buddy, Fat Nick, Famous Dex, Wifisfuneral and YBN Nahmir all take turns to don the HTC Vive virtual reality headset to save the dog, with varying levels of success. Some straight up tap out, while others doggedly persist in order to ensure the fake canine’s safety. It probably doesn’t help that a few of the rappers are “high as fuck”. Playing a virtual reality game such as this is already pretty intense when you’re sober.

Though regardless of sobriety, all the rappers agree that rescuing this foolhardy virtual pup “is so fuckin’ scary, bro.”