‘Rainbow Six Siege’s New Australian Operative Could Bench Press You And Your Entire Family

Meet your new hero.

Rainbow Six Siege - Gridlock

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Though we have Team Fortress 2‘s Sniper, Overwatch‘s Junkrat and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy‘s Chloe Frazer, Australian characters in video games are few and far between. Happily, there are now two more names to add to the roster. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is getting a new map set in the Outback, as well as a couple of Australian operatives.

Though Ubisoft had been teasing them for a while, the new additions were only fully revealed earlier this week during the Six Invitational 2019 live stream. Both operatives are part of the same platoon in the Special Air Service Regiment, one of the Australian Army’s special forces units.

The first, Max “Mozzie” Goose, is a charming, thrill-seeking motorcyclist who would definitely attempt an ill-advised jump if you dared him. A Defender with medium speed and armour, the Victorian’s unique ability lets him override and appropriate enemy drones. Players are already anticipating taking out enemies with their own equipment.

Mozzie’s longtime friend and comrade-in-arms is Tori “Gridlock” Tallyo Fairous, a calm, drily humorous mechanic from Queensland. Flying in the face of video game convention, she’s a slow Attacker with high armour, and her unique ability allows her to deploy replicating ground spikes.

She also looks as though she could bench press me and would be happy to do it.

Gridlock is 177cm of pure muscle and hugs. She would help you change your tyre without judging you for not knowing how to do it. She would step in if she saw someone creeping on you at a bar. She would drink you under the table, but would also be totally fine if you didn’t want to drink at all, then would make sure you get home safely.

She is a beautiful queen and this world does not deserve her.

The Aussies are also bringing with them a new map — Outback. A petrol station located in a big expanse of red dirt and nothing, it’s comprised of a garage, restaurant and motel, configured in an L shape and colour-coded for your convenience. Ideally this will help you keep your bearings as you run around trying not to get shot.

The Outback has become a fairly stereotypical depiction of Australia in media produced overseas, but I’ll admit I enjoy it every time. It’s novel to be able to run about and investigate that unique landscape in-game.

Fans have noticed a few errors and Americanisms scattered throughout early looks at the new map, such as signs reading “color” instead of “colour”, but Ubisoft has been working to correct these details before official release. So there’s still hope Tasmania will be added to the painting of Australia on the garage wall.

Burnt Horizon’s official release date has not yet been announced, but the update has already hit Rainbow Six Siege‘s test server.