This Soothing Video Of Racist Statues Getting Pulled Down To Enya Will Make Your Day

The video has already gone very viral on Twitter.

Racist statue Enya meme

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Over the last few weeks, much to the chagrin of whiny conservative commentators around the globe, protestors have turned their sights on a racist statue or two, erected to honour colonialists.

It all started when a large group of activist toppled an Edward Colston statue in Bristol. Sometimes referred to as a “merchant”, Colston was in fact an active participant in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. A bronze relief of the man had stood in Bristol’s town centre for decades — that is, until last week, when activists tore it down, tied its legs together, knelt on its neck, and pushed it into the ocean.

It was inspiring stuff, and so within a matter of days, activists started to make plans to pull down even more racist statues. In fact, some city councillors got so scared that they began pre-emptively removing the monuments, doing the work for the activists.

Which is all the back story you need to enjoy this, a video of the racist statue to Colston, plus more, being toppled, all set to the soothing sounds of Enya’s ‘Only Time.’

There’s nothing really more to say about this work of art. Just let it soak into your skin, and inspire you to do real activism — to open your wallets, if you can, sign petitions, call your local member, attend protests, and keep up the attention on this important cause.