Justice For Rachel Zegler


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Jacob Elordi recently trashed The Kissing Booth, the popular Netflix rom-com that arguably launched his career. So why isn’t he facing the same heat that Rachel Zegler did after she made comments about Snow White?

Rachel Zegler has pulled off a near-flawless one-eighty, thanks to her impeccable promotions of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and her role as Lucy Gray. And it’s helping to repair her reputation after those clips of her criticising Snow White went viral.  


Now, people seem to be re-examining the situation and questioning what exactly she did to deserve that level of hate. Because if you think about it, she had some valid points. It’s been pointed out before that “aside from her great daintiness and her credentials as a fervent housekeeper, Snow White has no distinct personality”. Ouch, but it hurts because it’s true.  

I know that Zegler’s delivery in her feminist critique of Snow White annoyed a lot of people. Many also pointed out Snow White’s kind and gentle nature is a strength in and of itself, which is a fair point.   

And yes, perhaps her tone wasn’t quite appropriate, but neither was the backlash. People were calling for her career to be over (seriously?), that everyone hated her (untrue), or that she was completely ruining a classic character (who isn’t all that great to begin with, come on). 

The backlash was undeniably excessive for what boils down to rubbing people the wrong way in a couple of interview clips. But now, with her flawless portrayal of Lucy Gray Baird in the Hunger Games prequel, she’s proving the haters wrong with one simple thing: pure talent. 

So, if people still hate her after this for trashing Snow White a little bit with some clumsily-delivered feminist critique, but don’t have quite the same energy for Jacob Elordi or Robert Pattinson or Harrison Ford, then I think that also deserves its own feminist critique, don’t you?