Just Some Delightfully Queer YouTubers For You To Enjoy

Sometimes I think everyone on YouTube is gay.

Queer YouTubers

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It used to be so hard to find queer people on our screens, like a sexy treasure hunt for asymmetrical haircuts and traces of glitter. And if you’re anything like me, you spent your time as a queer baby finding other queers to watch on YouTube. Nowadays, we’re absolutely spoiled with funny and talented queer YouTubers.

YouTube’s biggest strength is how completely formless it can be — the one rule is that you have to make videos. That’s about it.

This gives YouTubers and creators the space to really be free and experimental in what they do. It also gives us a spectrum of different types of queer creators — we have some who vlog about being gay and gayness and queer issues, and we have some who just do bizarre shit while being gay. And we have even more who fall somewhere in the middle. This is cool!

We’ve compiled a bunch of cool queer YouTubers that you can go watch, if you want. I’m not your mum.

Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is the OG YouTuber with a coming out video. I remember watching it years ago and… not being surprised, but being very happy. Hannah started off mostly doing videos about drinking a lot, but will swoop in with some pretty heartwarming queer content every now and then.

Some of that very queer content is the EXCELLENT NEWS that Hannah is engaged to her girlfriend. Watch if you’d like a little happy cry.

Ash Hardell

Ash Hardell is an American Youtuber who specifically specialises in LGBTI+ focused content, and it’s pretty great. They are extremely charming and personable, while also calmly educating and illuminating their audience on a range of issues, including trans issues and gender dysmorphia.

Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is a ball of wonderful sunshine, who does comedy sketches and singing and other general enjoyable things. He’s very famous for is Vine presence. While he doesn’t do much gay content stuff, it’s all pretty gay because he is gay. Hooray!


ALRIGHT HEY is a young Australian comedy YouTuber who’s also an advocate for mental health and LGBTQ issues. While he isn’t afraid to delve into some serious issues, like last year’s same-sex marriage survey, he always does it through some outrageous characters.


OK, this guy is SO LOUD AND ENERGETIC AND SASSY and I love him. He is also forcefully and energetically gay, and it’s a trip that everyone should sign up for.


Sarah and Adrianna are a couple of Canadian lesbians, who mostly do scripted comedy sketches for women, including Cooking With Lesbians, Straight Girls Anonymous, Til Lease Do Us Part, and Kristen & Kristin! They also do a pretty funny series called Pillow Talk every Monday, where they kinda chat about lesbian things, including relationships and terminology.

You can find a bunch of these YouTubers at VidCon Australia, August 31st to September 2nd in Melbourne!