Heartwarming Videos Show Quarantined Italians Singing On Their Balconies To Raise Spirits

Mamma Mia 3: Quarantine.


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During a nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19ย that began this week, Italians have been filmed taking to their balconies to sing together.ย 

Italy has been one of the worst hit places by the coronavirus, with Europe now an epicentre for the illness. The country has been in full lockdown since March 10th, with its 60 million people ordered to stay home, in order to try and slow the spread of the virus. But in true Italian style, they are not doing it quietly. Videos have begun popping up on social media, showing that people in neighbourhoods all over Italy are heading out onto their balconies to sing, clap, and play instruments together.

Quarantining is literally isolating, and people are seemingly compelled to do this in order to try and build community spirit, and boost morale.

Sometimes it is just one man singing at the top of his lungs while everyone gathers on their balconies, like a little private concert.

Various songs are being chosen, with one twitter user pointing out that people in their hometown of Siena were singing a popular patriotic folk song.

But there’s also pop songs, with Lewis Capaldi sharing a video in which a woman was captured singing one of his tunes.

But it’s not all good news, with one unfortunate neighbourhood stuck listening to people singing the Macarena. Isn’t the lockdown suffering enough?

The Italian airforce also tried to do its bit to raise spirits with a much more intense show.

With social distancing or quarantining becoming a possible requisite for many people across the world, it’s nice to see a bit of human resilience. We’re seeing many stories about people just out to fend for themselves, and it’s depressing. It’s going to be stories like this, where people are forging connections, and having community spirit, that are going to help get us all through.

But funny content will also be important, with Sydney comedian Tom Cashman showing us what it might be like if this sort of thing starts happening here.