Everyone’s Gone Nuts From Isolation, But The Memes Are Amazing

"Day seven of quarantine....... has anyone else noticed the Duolingo owl is kinda thicc?"

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While hospitals try to get COVID-19 coronavirus under control, government bodies have suggested social distancing to flatten the curve.

Between February and March, the number of global confirmed coronavirus cases doubled. So in an attempt to control the rate of infection, a collective effort to social distance and self-isolate has been implemented in a number of countries.

In China, the heavy duty lockdown of its citizens has proved to be an effective method. Through their extend period of quarantine, China has just reported it’s first day of no new domestic COVID-19 cases. Proof that quarantine can be an effective preventative method, other countries have now followed suit.

Italian citizens are under a similar lockdown, and Australians and Americans have been urged to stay home where possible. While Prime Minister Scott Morrison suggests a ban on groups larger than 100, President Donald Trump believes groups larger than 10 pose a significant risk.

But beyond government officials pleading for self-isolation, even healthcare workers are imploring people to stay home to reduce the spread of the virus. In response, people have begun social distancing and self-isolating at home to protect themselves, and others, from COVID-19.

As a result, people are going pretty stir-crazy being locked up in their homes without any socialising. So naturally, reporting about your activities as each quarantine day passes has become a huge meme.

One of the biggest topics people are tweeting about is food, of course. Given the current scenes at supermarkets as hoarders stockpile groceries, eating all of your two-week stash of quarantine snacks in a day has become a running joke.

For those that live with family, staying at home has also brought about new challenges. As a result of having to share space, food and time together, people are noticing that perhaps they don’t really have much in common with their family other than their DNA.

But at least trying to navigating all being home at once with nothing but each other has made for some pretty good banter.

For sports fans, they’ve had to create new streams of entertainment, as well-loved sports seasons have either been postponed or entirely cancelled. This also includes those sports fans who found joy in betting on these very same sports, who have since had to find alternate joys in life.

With restricted access to the outside world and the whole sharing bodily fluids idea not being the best in the current climate, people are also, understandably, just so incredibly horny.

From having their own quarantine-safe at-home strip club nights to seeing inanimate objects in a new light, the horniness of those in self-isolation simply can’t be contained.

But above all, people are using the “Day __ in quarantine” meme to show off the new skills they’ve learned during their boredom stuck at home.

Quarantine can be a pretty lonely place, but these memes are an easy way to make it fun and a little easier to cope with. Plus, they’re all just so damn funny.