‘Q&A’ Just Sunk To A New Low With A Question From Milo Yiannopoulos

Banned from every other platform. Good enough for Our ABC.

ABC slammed for featuring Milo Yiannopoulos on Q&A

Q&A may have just sunk to an all time low, with the ABC panel show facing a barrage of criticism for giving a platform to not one but two heroes of the alt-right, in Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and washed-up internet loser Milo Yiannopoulos.

The national broadcaster was slammed ahead of last night’s Q&A episode for the decision to include Peterson, who has become a favourite of men’s rights activists due to his vocal attacks on feminism and so-called political correctness. But that was nothing compared to the reaction of viewers when host Tony Jones threw to a video question from Yianopoulos, who went after Peterson for not being enough of a right-wing crackpot.

“You’ve told The New York Times that you thought I might be a racist when you know I’m not,” Yiannopoulos whined. “Can you explain why, although you talk a good game about standing up against social justice warriors and the chaotic feminists, when it comes down to it you always seem to either fold, stay silent or betray your allies?”

Yiannopoulos, let’s not forget, was banned from Twitter for encouraging his followers to harass actress Leslie Jones, has equated feminism with cancer, and was fired from right-wing “news outlet” Breitbart after video surfaced in which he appeared to endorse paedophelia. But sure, invite him onto the ABC, that seems perfectly fine.

Peterson responded to Yiannopoulos’ question by saying he didn’t believe Yiannopoulos was racist and that he had simply been “caught off guard” when asked about it by The New York Times. He also denied Yiannopoulos’ assertion that he had “amassed a big army” of young men and boys, accusing the media of playing up the idea that he has “a coterie of angry young white men surrounding me”.

“I don’t see it like that at all,” Peterson said.

The sight of Yiannopoulos on the tax-payer funded station sparked an immediate backlash on social media.

Prior to the broadcast, Peterson complained to The Australian that he had been “set-up” by the ABC when it was revealed he would appear on a panel that would also include transgender author, activist and cricket commentator Cate McGregor. Peterson rose to fame in 2016 for opposing a Canadian law that called for the use of gender-neutral pronouns. He has also criticised transgender women athletes for their decision to compete as women.