The ‘Q&A’ Season Finale Crashed And Burned With A Bizarre Sketch About Mathias Cormann

A fittingly terrible end to a garbage fire year.

Matthias Corman sketch bombs on Q&A

Last night was the final episode of Q&A for the year. So naturally, it ended with something massively stupid and awful.

Capping off a show that included discussions about everything from immigration to David Leyonhjelm being a tosser, host Tony Jones introduced the cast of the annual Wharf Review to present a musical sketch about Finance Minister Mathias Cormann. And boy oh boy, did it fucking bomb.

A send-up of the opening number from The Book of Morman, the song was titled ‘The Book of Cormann’ (get it?) and featured four Cormann lookalikes working the phones. There were references to Pauline Hanson and Cormann’s role in Peter Dutton’s failed leadership coup. Mostly though, the joke just seemed to be that the Belgian-born Cormann has an accent.

Viewers were especially frustrated with the sketch because it cut short a discussion about (ironically) racism and freedom of speech.

Is it the worst thing to happen on Q&A this year? No, probably not. But it’s definitely up there with the dumbest.

You can watch the full Mathias Cormann sketch below, starting at the 1:10:00 mark.