Students From An Elite Sydney School Literally Planned To Spit On Homeless People On Muck-Up Day

"It’s almost like the privilege of these people allowed them to feel immune from real consequences?"

shore school

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Once again, we’ve been given a stunning example of the kind of values our prestigious private schools are instilling in the next generation — all for a measly $33,000 a year!

Spitting on a homeless man; shitting on a train; sack whacking a stranger — they’re just three of the tasks on the so-called “Triwizard Shorenament”, a list of things that the Year 12 students from Sydney’s elite Shore School apparently thought would be funny to do as part of their end-of-year scavenger hunt.

The north Sydney school has threatened to expel people who take part in the hunt after a document made by students was leaked.

The aim of the hunt was to form teams, get drunk and travel across Sydney’s north shore and CBD completing tasks on the “Triwizard Shorenament”, a title which is already giving off red flags.

Challenges include “sack whack a complete random walking past”, “run it straight with a random and deck them” and “spit on a homeless man”.

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of misogyny thrown in — the students are also encouraged to have sex with someone “3/10 or lower”, have sex with a woman over 80kg, have sex with a woman over 40, kiss a girl under the age of 15, and kiss “an Asian chick”.

Other challenges tell the boys to “shit on a train”, break into Taronga Zoo, drink six vodka cruisers in six minutes, and rip a cone on the Harbour Bridge.

The document also tells students to “Be aware of COVID restrictions and do not snitch on anyone”.

Another task on the list was to get arrested, something you’d normally expect the police to come down hard on.

While in the past they’ve been happy to pepper spray BLM protestors, body slam Indigenous teenagers and threaten to break people’s legs, when it comes to cracking down on rich kids from an elite Sydney school, they literally told them to go enjoy themselves.

“The police respect the age-old tradition of ‘muck-up’ days, but students must take necessary precautions, so celebrations do not get out of hand and become dangerous” a police spokeswoman said.

“By all means enjoy yourself but do so safely and don’t make any decisions that you’ll later regret.”

Again, these boys have literally spelled out plans to spit on people and punch strangers — and people are calling out the double standard.

The Shore School contacted the police and parents after being made aware of the list on Tuesday.

A spokesman said it was deeply concerned by the activities planned, and boys who do participate could be expelled.