Prince William Was Named The “World’s Sexiest Bald Man” Which Sounds Fake, But Okay

"How is Prince William the 'world’s sexiest bald man' when Pitbull exists????"

prince william world's sexiest bald man

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If there was ever a time that the term “fake news” was accurate, it’s for the latest “study” that has come out naming Prince William as the “world’s sexiest bald man”.

Yes, in a world where people like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Stanley Tucci, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Shemar Moore, and even Pitbull exist, the Prince took out the crown for sexiest man without hair.

In the study, which definitely sounds like it was conducted by Prince William himself, the Prince had apparently been called “sexy” over 17 million times on the internet. Sounds so painfully fake, but sure.

Coming in just behind Prince William was apparently Mike Tyson with 8.8 million mentions, followed closely behind Jason Statham, Pitbull, and Michael Jordan all grabbing more than five million “sexy” mentions on the internet.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “What the fuck? There is simply no way that the Prince could ever genuinely be named the ‘world’s sexiest bald man’??” And yes, what the fuck indeed. Plus, you’re probably correct.

The “study”, which was originally reported by The Sun, was actually done by cosmetic surgery company, Longevita, and wasn’t really a study at all.

It was actually just focused on counting words all the associated with the word “sexy” paired with celebrity names — without filtering out the times when the celebrities had hair or not, which obviously skewed the results. For example, young Prince William, before all the premature balding, was famously a very beautiful man.

Longevita, as Twitter user Dan Barker points out, offer hair transplants so picking an unlikely winner was likely their ultimate goal to get more people keen on hair surgery by noting how undeserving Prince William was of the title.

However, even though the study probably isn’t the most reliable thing in the world, it is very fun to dunk on the hilarious idea that Prince William could ever be described as “world’s sexiest bald man”. Lmao.

Sorry, Prince William. But not in this lifetime.