You Need To Hear BBC Radio 1 Announcing Prince Philip’s Death In The Middle Of A Dance Mix

A death announcement has never been this funky.

prince philip death announcement bbc radio 1

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As you have probably heard by now, given that it’s been the dominant element of the news cycle for going on 48 hours, Prince Philip died over the weekend at the age of 99.

The husband to Queen Elizabeth — and her cousin — Philip was a mainstay of British public life, famous for his racist comments and an interview in which he expressed the desire to be reincarnated as a “deadly virus” in order to fix the “problem” of overpopulation.

The Prince’s death has sparked tributes of all kinds from all over the world, but perhaps none as distinct as a new trend hitting TikTok.

See, when Philip died, a number of radio stations cut immediately to the news of his passing. That made for some wild tonal mash-ups, most distinctly this already famous cut from a pounding dance track to a mournful and serious announcement of the news:

Obviously, that shit is wild, and TikTok caught onto the mish-mash of tones quickly. Within hours, mixing the Prince’s death into techno bangers became a meme all of its own, producing countless variants. Some of those variants are respectful, others are decidedly less so.

There you have it — the wildest death announcement in modern history.