7 Posts You’re Bound To See On Every Student’s Instagram

We're all guilty of these.

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Students live a fairly similar life of juggling study, work and play, so it’s not a surprise our Instagram feeds tend to follow a bit of a pattern.

Obviously, we all have our fave filters that makes us appear unique, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find some eerily similar posts.

How many are you #guilty of?

#1 The Europe Contiki Shot

A post shared by Ilda Hysa (@ildahysa) on

Is there any point of going on a Contiki Trip around Europe if you don’t get the obligatory ‘gram? And since students are all about savings, you may as well get your money’s worth and post throwbacks all year long.

Whether it’s the classic shot in Santorini surrounded by white buildings with blue roofs, or the ‘candid’ bikini shot that took literally two hours to perfect, Contiki tours are the gifts that keep on giving.

#2 The ‘Artsy’ Shot

Arts student or not, we’re all guilty of trying to make our Instagram look like we’re the next Big Deal. Flat lays of items ‘carelessly’ thrown on the bed that actually took hours to prepare, or flowers held by a single hand against a white background.

Preparing these shots are the ultimate form of procrastination, and may lead to wondering whether you should drop that science degree. Photography is obviously your true calling. 

#3 The Study Shot

A post shared by Steven Xie (@premedmotivation) on

Mainly posted for the benefit of your mum and other relatives who follow you on socials, the obligatory photo of your books and notes lets your followers know that yes, you’re a student and you do in fact study.

Takeaway coffee cup may also be included, you know, to show how stressed you are.

#4 The Food Shot

Ah, yes, pretty much what Instagram was made for: mouth-watering, never-taste-as-good-as-they-look food shots.

We all know you didn’t order that Monster Shake for the taste, it was purely for the gram. While other patrons may stare as you climb onto your chair for the perfect aerial shot, you can rest easy knowing that your friends will feel a pang of hunger as they scroll their feeds in their study breaks.

#5 The Squad Shot

Usually uploaded around exam time as you spend your fourth consecutive day in trackies. This post throws back to better days obvs.

It lets people know that outside of exam time you have an insane social life. You get a real boost of self-confidence when the double taps roll in. They don’t need to know you haven’t washed your hair this week, but they do need to know you have friends.

#6 The Pet Shot

We all know that any picture involving an animal is ultimately the best. Doesn’t matter if it’s not yours, you owe it to your followers to post a snap of that baby doggo. 

#7 The Dolled Up Ball Shot

A post shared by Deelan (@deelan90) on

Almost every college at uni has some sort of ball, whether it’s the Law Ball or Med Science Ball. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up and see your study mates in a state other than confusion.

And with this rare opportunity to dress all fancy comes the opportunity for a new Instagram shot. Bonus points for referencing rap lyrics in your caption.

Anne is a law student at Flinders University, who spends way too much time with her cat and not enough with actual humans.

(Lead image: rayraywanders/Instagram)