Ozzy Osbourne Is On Post Malone’s New Album, And Fans Reckon He’s Gonna Be “So Famous” Now

This has to be a troll.

Post Malone fans are pretending to not know who Ozzy Osbourne is

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Post Malone released his third album Hollywood’s Bleeding last Friday, and as fans dive in, some are taking to social media to champion one of the album’s lesser-known feature artists, Ozzy Osbourne.

The Prince of Darkness appears on ‘Take What You Want’ alongside Travis Scott, prompting a series of confused tweets as people ask who the fuck Osbourne is, and how he got on Posty’s radar.

The whole thing’s almost definitely a meta-meme, referencing how Taylor Swift’s fans were angry last week at this new band Tool for overshadowing Lover on the charts.

Gen X’ers — who take their musical canon very, very seriously — absolutely took the bait after Twitter account ‘Never Heard Of It’ (as it says on the tin) collated a couple of tweets expressing confusion about Osbourne’s feature. A quick look at these users accounts suggests they’re all pretty ironic tweeters; it’s hard to believe they were out there genuinely tweeting their confusion, especially when Google’s right there.

The back-lash was inevitable and reeks of ‘kids these days’ energy, even though these kids prove far more savvy and aware than those who fell for it.

Doesn’t this meme stink of Boomer Energy?

For the record, Osbourne’s called the song his ‘favourite’ collab he’s done since he was with Black Sabbath (well, according to Post Malone). If you’re still scratching your head over the collaboration, Posty wasn’t always a rapper who doesn’t like rap — back in high school, he had a metalcore band called Ashley’s Arrival, and has performed with Aerosmith and the Chili Peppers, too.

We may have mixed feelings on Post Malone, but his fans are alright. Listen to the song that started it all, ‘Take What You Want’, below. Alongside Scott and Osbourne, Hollywood’s Bleeding features the likes of DaBaby, Halsey, Future, SZA, Swae Lee, Young Thug and more.