Post Malone Couldn’t Be Bothered Lip-Syncing During His Wild Billboard Performance

"I didn't come here to watch Post Malone lip-sync in what literally looks like the side of the New Jersey turnpike."

Post Malone Billboard Awards

If there’s one thing you can expect from Post Malone, it’s that he will be unexpected.

From the very outset of his career, the viral rapper has carved a name for himself as contemporary music’s prankster. He’s the guy that will drop a pair of branded Crocs, or detail his entire life story while eating extremely spicy chicken wings, and he’ll do it all with his trademark crooked smile.

And sure, he’s been out of the limelight recently. But it turns out that time away from the public eye hasn’t weakened his propensity for shock value in the slightest. After all, his recent Billboard performance was the wildest big budget awards show gig imaginable.

For a start, Post Malone seemed completely uninterested in lip-syncing. Rather than mime every word, Malone dipped in and out of the performance, frequently letting the mic hang by his side when he should have been singing.

Then there was his general aura. Malone has been long known for his bold and often game-changing fashion choices. But during the Billboard Awards, he took that to its natural endpoint, showing off his tattoos, his bald head and his heavy, dark clothes.

Oh, and that’s not to mention the giant metal backdrop that he spent the show hanging off. A huge structure that looked like an abandoned construction yard, it leant an air of pure unbridled chaos to proceedings.

Basically, the whole performance was like being shouted at by a musical genius who was speeding past in a ute. The whole six minute performance is up on YouTube; watch it to have your brain broken.

Those of you just here for the lip-sync fail, it starts at one minute and 20 seconds into this clip.