Police Officer Photographed Wearing “EAD Hippy” Sticker On His Bodycam At A Climate Protest

Victoria Police have confirmed the photo is legitimate.

Police officer wearing EAD hippy sticker

Victoria Police have confirmed that an image circulating around the internet of a police officer wearing an ‘EAD hippy’ sticker (“eat a dick hippy”) at a climate change protest is legitimate.

The photograph of the currently unidentified officer was taken at a demonstration against an international mining conference being held at Melbourne’s Convention Centre. In the picture, the action button of the officer’s bodycam  is obscured by the sticker.

When the image first circulated, some suspected that it was a fake. A number of internet commentators wondered aloud why any officer would so publicly flaunt regulations about bodycams, or do so in a way clearly designed to further rile protestors up.

Now, however, VicPol have confirmed the image is real in a statement posted to Twitter.

“We have identified the police officer who was photographed at this week’s protest with a comment on his body worn camera and can confirm the image is real,” reads the statement.

“The community can be reassured this is not the type of behaviour we expect from our officers and we are extremely disappointed by the situation.This behaviour detracts from what was otherwise a professionally conducted operation and tarnishes the reputation of all of our officers.”

Furthermore, Victoria Police have revealed that they are considering disciplinary action for the officer.

Cop presence at these climate demonstrations has already been under a media spotlight after footage was released of officers wielding batons, spraying demonstrators with pepper spray, and forcefully grabbing Australian journalist Paul Dowsley.

A few days ago, VicPol released a statement addressing the footage.

“Whilst we respect the rights of people to peacefully protest, the unlawful action undertaken today is a drain on police resources from across greater Melbourne,” read a statement issued by the police, as The Guardian reported.