Watch The Violent Footage Of A Cop Hitting A Refugee Protester In Brisbane

The man was protesting the indefinite detention of the 120 refugees held in a Brisbane hotel when he was struck by the police officer.

cop hitting

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A Queensland cop has been caught on camera hitting a man on the head outside a Brisbane hotel. The man was part of a protest against the indefinite detention of 120 refugees.

Content Warning: This article mentions suicide.

The videos, posted to Twitter, show the officer leaping and striking the man as he backs away from a fence surrounding the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel and Apartments in Brisbane. The tense protests were sparked by the suicide attempt of a man held there and his subsequent transfer to a detention centre instead of hospital.

Refugee Solidarity Meanjin (Brisbane) spokesperson Dane de Leon witnessed the attack.

“I could see the cop launch at him from behind and just hit him,” she said. “We are protesting, that doesn’t mean we should be at risk of dying.

“There was blood coming out of his ear as he was lying on the ground.”

The victim was recovering in hospital on Monday. The officer allegedly prevented the victim from receiving medical help from his other protestors.

“The cops didn’t call the ambulance,” Ms de Leon said. “We had medics on scene and the cops kept pushing them away. We had to fight our way to him to give him care.”

Protestors attended to the victim. Photo courtesy: Refugee Solidarity Meanjin

She said the police’s conduct at the hotel was unacceptable.

“Even if we touch the fence it doesn’t excuse a king hit,” said Ms de Leon. “This is what cops are willing to do to an older man when there are cameras around. Imagine what they do to black and brown people in the watch house.”

She compared the incident, sparked by a refugee’s suicide attempt and authorities’ refusal to allow his wife and son to visit him, to the outcry when a group of protestors ambushed Prime Minister Scott Morrison when he visited the University of Queensland.

“A week or two ago there was so much outrage about a brussel sprout hitting the Prime Minister,” Ms de Leon said. “Everyone was so upset about that. They said: ‘this isn’t the answer.’

“Where is this outrage of a cop king-hitting an older man to the point he’s on the ground? Where are all the people upset by the sprout?”

She said that while the man was lying on the ground, the police officer gave the other protestors a spray.

“The cop who punched him tried to explain why he did it,” said Ms de Leon. “He said if none of you were here then this would not have happened.”

The protestors were only there because of the government’s detention policies, which refugee advocates describe as torture, she said.

“I just want to highlight this is a race issue, this is an issue with racism,” said Ms de Leon. “It’s a bigger problem of white supremacy. This wouldn’t happen if they were 120 white refugees.”

A Queensland police spokeswoman declined to comment and directed Junkee to an earlier statement.

“We are aware of this and the interaction is currently being reviewed,” the statement reads.

Feature image courtesy: Refugee Solidarity Meanjin