“Anything Is Possible”: Twitter Celebrates Ash Ketchum’s First Pokémon League Win, 22 Years In

We knew it was his destiny.

Ash Ketchum wins first Pokémon League in 22 years, and everyone's freaking out

22 years in the making, Pokémon‘s perpetual 10-year-old protagonist Ash Ketchum has finally beat out champions in a league to become a Pokémon Master. We knew it was his destiny.

Since 1997, Ash has been hustling hard to be the very best like no one ever was, travelling across the land, searching far and wide — but with each season of the long-running anime, he’s never won a Pokémon league.

Until now: in the latest episode of the Sun And Moon leg of the series, Ash took out the Aloha league, prompting a flurry of support and amazement online, beginning with the series’ composer Junichi Masuda.

Once word got out (assumedly most people aware of the 22-year journey aren’t watching the anime), the congratulations washed in.

Some fans are pointing out that Ash has technically won before — he took out the Orange Island’s in the show’s second season, and Battle Frontier in season nine.

But pedants, God bless, have reminded us that neither, as per the canon, qualify as leagues. The Frontier was a challenge, and the tropical Orange Island is not a region, and therefore not eligible to be a league. Still, an argument wages on.

Today is historic, a sporting achievement up there with the greats. We celebrate Ash’s achievements, and hope this means the curse of being a perpetual 10-year-old can be lifted.

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