Please Enjoy This Video Of Nick Cave Playing ‘Into My Arms’ Live On Recovery In 1997


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It was just last year that Nick Cave released his most emotionally devastating album yet. Skeleton Tree, written partly in the wake of his teenage son’s death, is a harrowing, heartbreaking listen, but it’s hardly the first time he’s reduced audiences to a blubbering mess. As any Bad Seeds fan could tell you, Nick’s been doing it for decades.

Prior to Skeleton Tree, the most intimate, sombre album of his career was 1997’s stripped back The Boatman’s Call. To promote the album, he visited triple j to deliver a spine-chilling performance of his then-recent single ‘Into My Arms’, featuring no more than a piano and his voice.

The footage was then aired on beloved ABC program Recovery, and now, 20 years later, the footage is doing the rounds on social media.

And oh boy, it’s a real tear-jerker.

Recovery celebrated its own 20th anniversary last year, with an incredible compilation of their best live performances from artists including Sonic Youth, Silverchair, Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, The Whitlams and more — give it a spin for an emotional trip down memory lane.