Please Enjoy The Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude Of This Tumblr Full Of Regretful Trump Voters


As America slowly recovers from its democratic bender, there are an awful lot of Trump supporters who’d give anything to turn back the clock. Maybe the moment came during the Republican’s victory speech when he sung the praises of Hillary Clinton. Maybe it came in the weeks that followed, as he surrounded himself with Washington elites. Maybe it came over the weekend when he caused a diplomatic incident with China just by picking up the phone.

Point is, Trump voters will be nursing this hangover for the next four years, and now someone has set up a Tumblr to catalogue their remorse. Trumpgrets exists for a single purpose: to screenshot the tweets of Trump voters as they slowly come to the realisation that a billionaire with a hair trigger and zero political experience mightn’t be the best person to run their country.

Does trawling through these tweets and laughing maniacally actually help the world in any particular way? No, probably not. But does it make me feel better? You bet your ass it does.

Trump 01 Trump 02
Trump 03 Trump 04 Trump 05

As funny as most of these reactions are, a few are actually quite sad. There are a lot of people who genuinely hoped that Trump would shake up the political system for the better – and while it’s hard to feel much sympathy for them under the circumstances, realising how badly you’ve been conned has got to be a pretty awful feeling.

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