Most Players In The New AFL Women’s League Will Be Paid Just $5,000

The average male AFL player earned $300,000 last year.

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This year the AFL unveiled details of a new women’s competition. The AFL women’s league will feature eight clubs playing six matches each. The creating of a women’s league is a big deal, and a very overdue step for women’s sport. Now the AFL has finally released information on how much the players will get paid and it’s… not good.

Each club is entitled to two marquee picks. According to The Herald-Sun those players will earn $25,000 per season. But the majority of players in the women’s league will earn a minimum of just $5,000. For comparison, the average male AFL player earned more than $300,000 last year.

To make matters even worse the players will have to foot the bill for private health insurance, which is likely to be pretty high for a professional sports player.

In February the AFL posted a half a billion revenue figure for 2015. The (male) CEO of the AFL earns $1.7 million a year. The AFL’s net profit last year was approximately 10 times the collective amount women players will be paid in this year’s league.

The AFL is already copping a lot of flack for the pay deal.

Earlier this week the ABC’s Australian Story covered the challenges faced by women AFL players, including the fact that players had to stump up a $500 per season fee to play in the Victorian Women’s Football League. Today’s pay announcement shows that while women’s league is a big step forward, there’s still a very long way to go when it comes to equality.

Feature image via Melbourne Football Club/Facebook