Placebo Hit Out At “Offensive” And “Outrageous” Margaret Court


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Queer icons Placebo have become the latest band to slam anti-marriage equality campaigner Margaret Court.

Ahead of their Australian tour next month — which includes a stop at the arena named after Margaret Court — bassist Stefan Olsdal has hit out at the tennis legend-turned-notoriously controversial figure in an interview with Music Feeds.

“To come out and basically demonise children because of the way they’re born — which is essentially what this woman has done — it’s pretty outrageous, and I think it’s offensive. I can’t really tolerate it, to be honest,” Olsdal said.

“I know perfectly well that we’re playing a venue with her name to it… but I’m still thinking about exactly what we’re going to do about it.”

Bands like LCD Soundsystem, Grinspoon and Sigur Rós have already taken a stand against Margaret Court — something Olsdal is well aware of.  “I know Sigur Rós played there recently and they raised funds for marriage equality in Australia,” he said.

“I’ve got a rainbow-coloured bass that I had sprayed for when we played Russia, because Russia’s got some pretty backwards views about LGBT rights as well. So every night I’m up there standing for what I believe in, and Australia’s going to be no different.”

It’s been over two months since Margaret Court first advocated boycotting Qantas due to the airline’s support of marriage equality. Since then she’s doubled down making extremely offensive remarks about the LGBT community; people have also dug into her past views which include support of apartheid.

Placebo’s Australian tour marks 20 years since the release of their debut album. According to lead singer Brian Molko, the band will be delving into their hefty back catalogue to play songs like ‘Pure Morning’ and ‘Nancy Boy’ that they rarely perform live.

The tour will stop in seven Australian cities, hitting Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena on September 8.