We Ranked Every Pixar Movie Mum Who Has An Absolute Dump Truck Ass

I stumbled upon far too much fan-made Pixar porn for this post.

pixar mum dump truck ass

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When you watch a Pixar animation, you’re guaranteed a few things: Beautiful animation, a heap of tear-jerking moments, and every single mum on screen having an absolute dump truck ass.

Yes, a dump truck ass. A Tonka truck booty that’s large, in-charge, and not ashamed to be seen.

Perhaps the Pixar animators are horny or have some heavy Oedipal complexes going on, but you’ll often find that mother figures in these animated films have hourglass figures. Their bodies exude a real Instagram model, Dr. Miami-type of energy about them with their tiny waists and huge hips, thighs and badonks.

Thiccxar, if you will.

Now after some research, I can confirm that almost every mum featured in a Pixar film is packing that wagon. So, for the people, I have decided to rank the mothers to declare once and for all who is the Queen Of The Dump Truck Asses™️.

And before you say get fake woke and claim that I’m objectifying women, no. I am proudly objectifying a bunch of ridiculously thick cartoon sketches.

Anyway, here’s how all the Pixar booties stack up:

8. Mama Imelda Rivera from Coco

Yes, I know that Mama Imelda is technically a skeleton and ass is made of fat, but you can’t deny that her skeletal shape do be kinda curvy though. The way that purple dress cinches in at her non-existent waist? ART.

But, even though it pains me to say it, I guess on technical reasons she simply cannot rank higher than her human opponents.

7. Mrs. Davis aka Andy’s mum from Toy Story

In this house, we stan Mrs. Davis. However, we just can’t ignore that she isn’t as blessed in the backside department as our other Pixar mums.

She was always there for our boy Andy and she does have some ass back there, but compared to the other icons she’s up against, she’s sadly the definition of a skinny legend.

6. Queen Elinor (as both a bear and human) from Brave 

PIXAR mum ass

Credit: Pixar

Now as a human, Queen Elinor didn’t look like she was packing much thanks to her huge, regal green gown. But when she got turned into a bear, though? She was looking pretty damn curvaceous.

I guess this is because anatomically black bears are just shaped bottom-heavy but I must give props where props are due. However, despite bear-form Queen Elinor being thick, she is knocked down a few notches because of her human shape.

5. The mum who eats her son in the short, Bao

Our dramatic queen from Bao, who eats her metaphorical son as she fears he’s distancing himself from her, doesn’t have a name.

But judging by her proportions in full-body scenes — like at the bakery — she looks like she has some pretty thick thighs, which often lead to a pretty big ass. For this reason, she places around the middle of the pack.

4. Jill Andersen from Inside Out

In this house we love Jill, a supportive mother just trying to make her depressed daughter Riley happy again. But beyond just being a good character, do you see how that thang is flowing off the sides of the chair as she’s sitting at the dinner table?

Sheeeesh, I know that the Brazilian helicopter pilot that Mrs. Andersen gave up would be kicking himself right now.

3. The Queen from A Bug’s Life

Pixar dump truck ass

Credit: Pixar

I feel like the Queen has a little bit of an unfair advantage considering all ants are shaped with giant asses in mind. But we have to give credit where credit is due, the Queen’s booty was never not large and in charge throughout A Bug’s Life. 

Her shape — and the lack of clothes which emphasise it — are simply just too hard to ignore, so she places in our top three.

2. Laurel Lightfoot from Onward

I have not seen this movie and even after watching the trailer, I still have no real understanding of what these elf creatures are. But early scenes of the film show Laurel, the mother of main characters Ian and Barley, keeping her curves right with a TV home workout.

After searching for a picture of her to show this, I found out that people love to draw Laurel naked and in cartoon porn scenes, which wasn’t how I wanted to spend my work day. But it turns out that people are just alarmingly horny for the super thick elf mum.

1. Mrs. Incredible aka Elastigirl from The Incredibles 

I mean, could it really be a list about the thickest Pixar mums if the Mrs. Incredible didn’t rank first? I think not.

Elastigirl is the blueprint of slim-thick animations, and is the character who made the world take notice of the obvious running theme of the ginormous dump truck asses in Pixar films.

According to Disney Wiki, Mrs. Incredible is 5’8″ and 56kg — but looking at her proportions it seems like the animators decided to throw all that weight into her hips, booty and thighs. Or perhaps, because her body is elastic, she herself decided to make her waist-to-hip ratio just stupid, dummy thick.

Either way, we’re not mad at it.

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