Piers Morgan, Who Stormed Off TV When Criticised, Thinks Naomi Osaka Is A “Spoiled Brat”

Ah yes Piers, I forgot that "handling criticism" usually involves storming off a live broadcast when you don't get your way.

piers morgan naomi osaka

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Piers Morgan, the world’s most notable hater, is back with another terrible take — and this time his sights are set on Naomi Osaka.

After Naomi Osaka shared that she would not be doing press at the French Open due to mental health reasons, Morgan immediately told the former world number one that she needed to “get over yourself”.

“Playing the mental health card to avoid legitimate media scrutiny is pathetic,” the adult baby tweeted before Osaka announced she would be redrawing from the competition entirely.

“Naomi Osaka [is] the world sport’s most petulant little madam.”

As with all things women he hates, Morgan then dedicated an entire Daily Mail column to calling out Osaka’s decision to not speak to the media. And, as expected, Morgan also made sure to drag Meghan Markle’s name through the mud again for no good reason, too.

“Narcissistic Naomi’s cynical exploitation of mental health to silence the media is right from the Meghan and Harry playbook of wanting their press cake and eating it,” the title read.

In the whinge fest, Piers Morgan briefly mentions that Naomi Osaka is “a brilliant tennis player” before going on to call the 23-year-old an “arrogant spoiled brat whose fame and fortune appears to have inflated her ego to gigantic proportions”.

Calling the tennis superstar “petulant” throughout the article, Morgan suggests that Osaka is “weaponising [her] mental health” to “avoid legitimate media scrutiny”.

“She has no problem with the media lauding her undeniable brilliance with a tennis racket, right to the point they say anything negative, however reasonably and fact-based, because then they’re damaging her mental health,” he continued.

“And I’m sorry (not really…) if this offends any of the delicate little snowflakes out there who believe all this self-serving garbage, but Osaka’s antics stink of a stupendous ego raging out control.”

Piers Morgan then continued his rambling to claim that Osaka’s decision to pull out of press during the French Open has made the tennis media look bad, which is “disgraceful” because the “celebratory media coverage [is what] made Naomi Osaka a fabulously rich superstar”.

“But rather than feel grateful, she now wants to control how the media speaks about her like some kind of dictator. This Osaka nonsense sadly epitomises the state of the woke-ravaged world today,” Morgan concluded his shitty take. “We’re seeing mental health being used more and more as an excuse for deplorable behaviour.”

“It’s the worst kind of cynical exploitative bullshit which will distract attention from those with real mental illness who desperately need help. And to anyone who dares criticise me for saying this, STOP – you’re damaging my mental health.”

As expected Piers Morgan has been absolutely ragged on for his attack on Osaka, yet another successful Black woman who isn’t afraid to set boundaries to protect their own mental health.

While Morgan’s implication that both Osaka and Markle are somehow “faking” mental illness as a defence against criticism is not surprising, it’s still unbelievably disappointing. As is giving old, bitter white men platforms to constantly villianise women of colour who dare speak about their mental health struggles.

Plus, it’s just ironic and highly hypocritical that a man, who is constantly complaining about others not being able to handle criticism, quite literally stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain when people gently critiqued him for his horrific actions.

At this point, it’s like clockwork. So come back in a few days to find out which woman of colour Piers Morgan decides to attack next, I guess.