Everyone Is Arguing Over The Right Answer To This ‘Pick Two Animals To Defend You’ Meme

Animal crossing.

Animal Defence Meme

This meme, where you hypothetically choose two animals from the list to defend you, while the others come to kill you, has caused an avalanche of discussion as people argue over the correct answer. 

Sometimes, when everything in the world seems like it is terrible (because it is), something extremely silly comes along to give people’s brains a break from despair. For a few minutes they can focus on something that literally does not matter at all, and give themselves a little rest from the reality of life. This week, that thing was a meme. The meme lists various animals, and an amount of each, and then posits a scenario in which you choose two of the groups to defend you – the rest will be coming to kill you.

The ensuing debate and discussion set group chats across the lands on fire.

But the discussion also raged on social media, with thousands and thousands of people giving their extremely confident explanations as to what the correct answer is.

It didn’t take long before graphs and stats to get involved.

But some people had more of an alternative solution.

We may never land on a definitive answer, but it sure is fun to try.