Phoebe Burgess Weighs In On The Johnny Depp Trial After Being Called Australia’s Amber Heard

"Victims are having one of their worst fears reinforced… “nobody will believe me”. And when it comes to leaving, I fear women are thinking... “maybe he’ll do a Depp on me”."

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Journalist and influencer Phoebe Burgess has slammed a hateful troll who called her “Australia’s very own Amber Heard” after she spoke out about how the infamous Johnny Depp defamation trial has been detrimental to survivors of abuse.

Phoebe, 32, was previously married to South Sydney Rabbitohs player Sam Burgess, who she later accused of domestic violence as well and drug and alcohol abuse during their marriage. The former NRL player denied any wrongdoing and was eventually cleared of all charges in late 2021.

On Sunday, Burgess took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a hateful direct message she received, which told her to “get a new story you absolute loser” and likened her to Amber Heard.

“If any of you have been feeling uncomfortable about the way Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard has been portrayed and consumed: I hear you, sister,” she wrote in a lengthy caption.

“This man took this legal action – demanding $100 million – after a UK judge found he was a ‘wife beater’” the caption continued. “If his mission was to send a signal to all the abusers and misogynists out there that women won’t be believed, he’s succeeded.

“Victims are having one of their worst fears reinforced… “nobody will believe me”. And when it comes to leaving, I fear women are thinking… “maybe he’ll do a Depp on me”.”

Not unlike Heard, Burgess was ripped to shreds in the media and online following her allegations — and again after Sam was cleared of criminal charges. Meanwhile, he received public displays of support from high profile sporting figures and friends and — most recently — was given a chance at redemption on SAS Australia.

While Burgess now co-parents her two children with her ex-husband in what appears to be a relatively civil manner, the severe lack of support she received during her allegations cannot be forgotten. Earlier this year, Phoebe spoke out in The Australian after the NRL cleared Sam of the domestic violence allegations — allowing him to return to the Rabbitohs as an assistant coach.

“I am appalled,” she told The Australian in a tell-all interview that slammed the lack of support the league gave her. “This conversation is not over. But this is not just about me. It’s about what women are worth to the NRL. “For countless women in Australia, home is not a safe place to be.

“The message to them today is: don’t speak up, because even if you are believed, and even if the evidence is there, people in power will find excuses.”

Burgess’ defence of Heard — and her commentary on the wider impact of the case’s coverage — comes after the internet and the media has been flooded with one-sided coverage of the high profile Depp/Heard defamation case.

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