Everyone Got Too Horny For SA’s New Premier And Now He Is Never Taking His Shirt Off Again

Shirtless pictures of Peter Malinauskas went viral after his election win.

peter malinauskas

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South Australia’s new premier Peter Malinauskas has vowed to keep his shirt on from now on, so that’s what you call get for being horny on main for a politician.

Malinauskas took out the state’s top job over the weekend, replacing Liberal leader Steven Marshall, who has served in the job since 2018. But it wasn’t his polling day victory that made headlines over the weekend.

Instead, it was the choice of picture used to represent him — in which, he was noticeably sans-shirt. The picture — taken at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre — first made headlines back in February when then-Premier Steven Marshall vowed to cut carbs after seeing the 41-year-old opposition leader looking well and truly jacked.

But over the weekend, the picture has been given a second wind, with social media users being quick to thirst over the new Premier.

It goes without saying that being horny for politicians is extremely weird energy and we shouldn’t let any elected official’s level of perceived attractiveness detract from the job they’re elected to do.

The response to the photo has been so overwhelming that Malinauskas has gone on record on ABC radio, vowing to keep his shirt on from now on.


“Do you have any idea how much grief I’ve copped around the place as a result of that?” he told Patricia Karvelas. “They’ve piled it on, let me tell you. I haven’t stopped copping it, and I deserve every bit of it.

“We were announcing a big investment at our major aquatics centre here in South Australia and a whole bunch of us jumped in for a swim in our boardies with our kids there. And, yeah, it got a bit more attention than I anticipated, fair to say.”

When asked if he is going to keep his shirt on from now on, Malinauskas responded “damn straight”.

As for his actual politics, Malinauskas asserted that he isn’t going to be “Scott’s quokka” and will defend the state’s best interest, regardless of who wins the next federal election.

“What that means is if the current government or even the next government does the right thing by our state, I’ll be the first to applaud it. But if they seek to undermine the standard of living of South Australians, if they seem to take away a particular source of revenue or investment that we rightfully believe should [remain], I’m gonna stand up and advocate for the state’s interests,” he told PK.

“And like I said, that’s not [just] true for Scott Morrison, but also Anthony Albanese should he become prime minister, which I, of course, desperately hope he does. So this is about the function of leadership.”