Watch Peter FitzSimons Slam Alan Jones For Spreading COVID Misinformation

"We have to stop that kind of lethally dangerous media."

peter fitzsimons alan jones

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Last night on The Drum, author and columnist Peter FitzSimons slammed television host Alan Jones and Australian parliamentary member Craig Kelly for spreading coronavirus misinformation.

The moment came after the discussion turned to the rise of coronavirus conspiracy theories and misinformation. FitzSimons, clearly impassioned, picked out a segment on Sky News in which Jones had interviewed Kelly about the severity of the delta variant of the disease. In that interview, Jones claimed that the delta variant was significantly less lethal than the alpha variant, and that vaccinated people ran a significant risk of dying from the disease.

Both claims are demonstrably false. Indeed, even Sky News seems aware that Jones overstepped the mark: the segment has been removed from broadcast and a correction has been issued.

“It makes my blood boil,” FitzSimons said on the panel. “You have intelligent people looking down the barrel of the camera… and denying the science.

“On a network that will remain nameless — let’s just call it Sky News: After Dark — earlier this month you had Alan Jones and you had Craig Kelly. And they were doing this,” here FitzSimons grabbed a piece of paper. “Tallying up their little stats.

“Jones was saying delta is one tenth, one twentieth as lethal as the alpha variable. And Craig Kelly who is the member for Hughes and the Prime Ministerial Captain’s Pick, saying, ‘And people who are vaccinated are seven to eight times as likely to die.’ This was nonsense. Absolute, one hundred per cent nonsense.

“This country is fighting on two fronts. We want people to believe in vaccinations — we want them to take delta seriously. You had a broadcaster doing absolute lies. Absolute one hundred percent lies. The penalty? Small apologies from Jones, and then [he] moved on.

“It was outrageous. And we have to stop that kind of lethally dangerous media.”

FitzSimons isn’t the only public figure furious with Jones — the television host’s one-time colleague, Ray Hadley, has also spoken out against his habit of spreading coronavirus misinformation. “I think [Jones’ stance on lockdowns] has been a ridiculous stance to take,” Hadley said.

Watch FitzSimons speak out against Jones in full here: